Rose Ritchie Academy of Irish Dance

Dress Code for the Rose-Ritchie Academy

  Shorts, leggings, or tights must be worn since the knees must be seen to ensure correct technique.  Students wearing pants will sit out during class. 

T-shirts or leotards must be worn since the arms must be seen to ensure correct technique.  Tank tops and half shirts are not appropriate.

During the colder months, please bring a sweatshirt that can be removed, and  continue wearing shorts, leggings, or tights with t-shirts or  leotards.

Appropriate dance shoes must be worn at all times.  If a student does not have dance shoes yet, or has forgotten his/her shoes, tennis shoes are appropriate.  Dancing in bare feet, tights, or socks will not be allowed. 

Girls must wear black ballet shoes or Irish ghillies.  Boys must wear black split-sole jazz shoes or boy’s reel shoes.  Please contact Patricia or Rori before purchasing shoes to ensure that the correct shoes are purchased.


Gear and Supplies for Sale

  For Sale at Studio:
• Rose-Ritchie Academy T-Shirts: adults and kids
• Feis 'n Stuff T-Shirts: made by Sonia Caskey
• Various Irish Dance items

Order Forms are available at the Studio for:
• Rose-Ritchie Academy Dance Bag
• Rose-Ritchie Academy Beginner Skirt/Cape
• Rose-Ritchie Academy Beginner Jumper
• Rose-Ritchie Academy Warm-up Suits for Adults and Kids

For all your Irish Dance needs we have our own vendor!

Feis 'n Stuff is owned by Jodie Luton and Sonia Caskey. Jodie and Sonia are both dancers in our academy as well as moms of dancers in our academy (don't want to leave out their husbands who dance in our academy too!!).
If you are interested in buying soft shoes (ghillies) or hardshoes then you can contact Jodie Luton and she will come to your class and fit and sell you the shoes. (Usually, you have to wait to go to a feis to buy a pair of shoes. How convenient for us!!!)

Sonia Caskey is now making solo costumes! If you are interested in having your own solo costume (must be Novice+ to wear them in feises) custom made then please contact Sonia.

Rose-Ritchie Academy of Irish Dance
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