Rose Ritchie Academy of Irish Dance

Irish Dance Classes for All Ages and Abilities


Irish Dance classes are offered for ages 4 years to Adult, for both boys and girls. No previous dance experience is necessary!

Please see the class schedule below for available class times. If you are interested in enrolling, please call (858) 538-6400 or email us to check class availability. See gear page for information regarding the required dress code.
***Beginner dancers ages 5-10 may enroll in the Friday 4:00 class at any time!! ***


Spring 2017 Class Schedule

Click HERE for printable schedule

4:00-5:00pm   Beginner - soft shoe only
5:00-6:00pm   Novice/Prizewinner - no beginner
6:00-7:00pm   Preliminary Championship
7:00-8:00pm   Open Championship

6:30-7:30pm   Nationals Team (under 16)
7:30-8:30pm   Adult Hard Shoe
8:30-9:30pm   Nationals Team (Adult)

4:00-5:00pm   Beginner - soft shoe and hard shoe
5:00-6:00pm   Novice/Prizewinner - no beginner
6:00-7:00pm   Championship - Slip Jig / Treble Jig
7:00-8:00pm   Championship - Reel / Hornpipe
8:00-9:00pm   New Beginner Adult / Adult Soft Shoe    NOW ENROLLING
9:00-10:00p    Ceili (Adult) - 4,6,8 Hands

4:00-5:00pm   Beginner - soft shoe and hard shoe
5:00-6:00pm   Beginner II/Novice: Beg II HARD SHOE, Novice SOFT SHOE
6:00-7:00pm   Novice/Prizewinner - no beginner
7:00-8:00pm   Kid and Adult - Treble Reel / Traditional Set Class (January)
8:00-9:00pm   Intermediate Adult - soft shoe and hard shoe
9:00-10:00p    Troupe Practice (Adult) ** starting 2/2 **

4:00-5:00pm   New Beginner    NOW ENROLLING
5:00-6:00pm   Kids Ceili Class - 2,3,4,6,8 Hands
6:00-7:00pm   Nationals Team (Under 16)
7:00-8:30pm   Championship (Prelim/Open)

9:00a -12:00p     Troupe Practice (Adult) ** starting 2/11 **

Rose-Ritchie Academy of Irish Dance
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